Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Commission Work

I finally finished up the last of my large commission of Front Rank Bavarians.  My client allowed me to take a couple shots of the finished infantry, over 300 figures.  The pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but they'll at least give you an idea of the amount of figures painted.  He added the flags and based them.  Quite impressive. They will see their first action this Saturday.  I am anxious to get a report on how the hold up.
Light infantry and the guard are on the right.  You can see three of the six casualty figures he had me paint up in the lower right corner.

This is the bulk of the line infantry; three divisions of two brigades each.   Each brigade had two line regiments of two battalions plus a light battalion.  All battalions were nine figures.  That's 270 figures!
These were truly a joy to paint.  I was afraid it might get a little monotonous, but he passed on one division at a time and it went quite quickly.  There were four different facing colors, red, black, pink and yellow, plus a variety of colors for the linings on the lapels and collars.

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