Friday, April 11, 2014

Napoleonic Russian against Prussians and Poles

It's been awhile since my last post.  I was busy finishing up a large commission of Bavarians and then painting up another brigade of Napoleonic Prussians for myself.  I have finished both and I was eager to get my full Prussian corp out on the table.  I allied them with my Duchy of Warsaw division for an invasion of Russian territory.  I have played out the first four turns and the Prussians/Poles are having a very rough time of it.  Those darn Russian guns are more than formidable!  But a Prussian cavalry brigade has destroyed a brigade of Russian cossacks, threatening the Czar's right flank.  But this tactic is taking time to develop, costing the lives of scores of Prussian infantry.  Here are a few pictures:
The Prussians in the background are having a rough go against a Russian battery.

Here it is a regiment of dragoons that are getting a face-full of lead.

Duchy of Warsaw troops on the extreme right flank.

A regiment of Westphalian Landwehr supporting a battery in the middle of the line.

A wider angle of the Prussian center

A battery of Prussian horse artillery deployed on a hill

Prussian hussars attempting to turn the Russian right flank.

A large Prussian cavalry brigade at the beginning of the game.
I am off to dinner with my daughter, but hope to make more progress in the battle tomorrow.  Thanks for taking a look.  Comments are welcome and appreciated!


  1. That's a fine collection Duke!

  2. Excellent miniatures and painting as always Duke W.

    Are you going to the HMGS-PSW Horse and Musket Con next weekend? (April 19th Anaheim CA)

    M aka wR