Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SYW Campaign Underway

Our SYW campaign is under way. The Prussian player rather rashly placed just about all of his counters on his western border, signaling hostile intentions towards neighboring Hanover. Seeing this, the Russian players posted their brigades along Prussia's eastern border.  The Austrians were by far the most judicious power, evenly distributing counters in strategic locations throughout their realm.

Diplomats have been working feverishly on the political front. France has joined with Prussia while Austria and Russia have formed an alliance; little Hanover is standing alone, at least for the moment.

We will be fighting our first battle this Friday after school. My guess is that the opening shots will be fired in eastern Prussia; Russia is bearing down on the Prussian capital hoping to deliver a decisive blow before Frederick can develop a defense. However, Austrian forces have crossed the frontier and will stretch the Prussian resources severely.

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