Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prussians vs. Russians Part 2

I fought out two more turns this afternoon.  The Russian artillery is proving to be decisive.  However, two events have given the Prussian high command a glimmer of hope.  On the first turn, a Prussian medium battery rolled double sixes on its bombardment of a Russian battery.  The results table indicates that the stricken battery looses two additional figures, must immediately retreat 20 cm AND is low on ammo.  This has left a vulnerable section in the Czar's line, being defended by only an extended line of jagers.  On the second turn of the day, two Prussian hussar regiments of 24 figures each charged into two Russian cuirassier units of 18 figures each.  The Prussians have won both engagements, forcing one regiment to retreat and the other has been pushed back across the small stream.  Unfortunately, neither Prussian unit was able to pursue, so it will be up to two beat up landwehr regiments to try and follow up this victory.

On the negative side, losses are piling up before the Russian guns.  On the Prussian right flank, literally hundreds of men have fallen in an attempt to come to grips with these dealers of death.  On the left flank, a Prussian horse artillery battery was blistered with cannister as it tried to advance into position.  The next two or three turns will be very important.  Can the Prussians get some battalions into place to exploit their few gains?  Will the Russians be able to move their limited reserves into a position to shore up these holes?

Losses mount in attempting to come to grips with the Russian guns

My new casualty counters. I like them better than the rings I was using previously.

Prussian landwehr moving up in support.

The Prussian horse battery that has been severely pasted by the Russian horse battery opposite it.

Still another Prussian regiment trying to charge a battery.   These battalions are in line which is helping to keep casualties to a minimum.
Despite the hardships dealing with the Russian artillery, this has been a fun game thus far.  Depending what happens on the Russian right, things could turn dramatically.

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