Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FIW Day Two

Things really got going today as the two adversaries came to blows all over the table.  As the smoke settled at the end of the class it was clear that the French and Indians were really taking it to their British foes.  The fort was under a heavy attack despite the French indecision about what to do with their cannon.  In the middle, Rogers Rangers were taken by surprise by a combined band of Indian and French marines.  A sergeant was killed and a full company driven off.

Further to the east, the Shawnee war parties were able to capture part of the wagon train as well as the British artillery.  Colonial militia companies counterattacked, but unsuccessfully.

It was only in the east, around the town, that the British were able to attain any success.  The vaunted 42nd Foot advanced out of the village to attack the marauding French.  As the day ended, their disciplined volleys had inflicted heavy casualties on the invaders.

Tomorrow the British will be receiving some much needed reinforcements right in the middle of the battle.  It will force some key decisions about what to do with them.  Will they march to the relief of the fort, or will they go across the table to attack the Indian village that holds the hostages?  Or will they help the remnants of the wagon train force their way through to the besieged 28th Foot?
The Huron tribe foolishly attack the British field works.

The Virginia State Militia exchange volley with bands from the Delaware tribe.

French regulars mass in a field.

Major Rogers' men just before they are ambushed by the French and Indians.

the 42nd Foot executing a stout defense of the town.

The wagon train headed west towards the fort, and an appointment with disaster.

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