Saturday, May 2, 2015

Battles for Empire Game

Yesterday our little wargaming group switched genres and traveled back to the 1870s as Her Majesty's army took on the Zulu hordes.  3 players commanded six companies of British soldiers and five others led the Zulu host into battle.

The objective was for the British column to make its way to the end of the table.  The Zulus, on the other hand, were to stop them.  It had been quite a long time since we have played these rules so we were rusty.  I made the mistake of starting the opponents too far apart in light of the limited amount of time we had to play.  Nevertheless, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and the game ended in a stirring charge that nearly turned the tide in the Zulus' favor. 

The Zulus suffered terribly for their heroics; the British column didn't make it even half way across the table.  Therefore, the game was determined to be a draw, though both sides departed fervently believing that they had gotten the better of their opponent.

The Zulus enter the table.  Their arrival and quality were determined by die rolls at the beginning  of each turn.

The British column at the beginning of the game.

The Zulus move inexorably towards the red line.

The two sides are almost at each other.

Just prior to the awe inspiring charge of the decimated Zulu impi.

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  1. Ah some of my favourite wargames moments have involved being wiped out by Zulus.