Saturday, May 30, 2015

Old Glory 15s final chapter

I will close this chapter with a final post.  Old Glory 15s did the right thing by comping me some figures to make up for the previous three orders that were short figures.  They did an excellent job of getting me my missing figures and the comped figures to me in a timely fashion.  But, God bless them, one of the comped figure bags was missing a figure.  I appreciate all that they did for me, but the problem is still not fixed.  I know they mean well, but their system is dysfunctional.  How hard is it to count to 48?  They aren't able to do it.  They mean well. They are trying hard.  But in my world, trying hard isn't enough.  The proof is in the pudding.  Old Glory 15s just don't have their act together.   It's a shame, because they have a great range of figures.  But there are other options in this great hobby of ours, and I will be calling on them to meet my hobby needs from now on.  Service matters.

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