Saturday, May 23, 2015

I am done with Old Glory 15s

I am not a complainer. I do whatever it takes to maintain my loyalties, but I believe loyalty must be a two way street.  For 25 years Old Glory 15s have been my figures of choice. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on them over the years, but my last three orders were missing a considerable number of figures.  Repeated emails were either not returned or met with some pretty flimsy excuses. The bottom line is that they have not corrected these mistakes after repeated requests and so I have decided to take my business elsewhere and I am encouraging everyone I know to do the same.  Here is my latest and last email to Old Glory 15s:

I posted a comment on TMP about how dissatisfied I was with your lack of follow through on what I thought were legitimate complaints about your service. I was stunned to see a follow-up that claimed you tried to send me the missing pieces I had notified you about.   I don't believe this is the case at all.   If it were, why didn't you contact me via email which you have on file? 

I will no longer do business with you and I am steering my students who constantly ask me where to obtain figures away from you.  I was once a very loyal customer, but you failed me time and again. Enough is enough.  I am not alone in my opinion as is apparent from the number of responses I had on my TMP post. (End)

From here on out I will be purchasing Blue Moon figures. Change does not come easily to me, but in this case, it's long overdue.

I am through with my rant. When my first order of Blue Moon Napoleonics arrives I will be sure to post pictures of the painted figures.


  1. Food for thought. I have just begun to purchase OG15s and really enjoy them. I have had one very late delivery but they said it was because of a machine break down. Look forward to seeing pics of your Blue Moon figures.

    1. I enjoyed the figures too. But the service deteriorated to the point that the aggravation wasn't worth it. With the army discount on the Old Glory 25s web site, I'll be saving a lot of money (40%) on what are better figures. There isn't the variety yet, but it's growing fast.