Sunday, March 1, 2009

3rd General de Brigade game

On Saturday afternoon six of us gathered in my garage for a third General De Brigade game. Two of us had some experience, but the other four players were just getting acquainted with the rules. The game was a fictional scenario that had the British and Brunswickers trying to push beyond a bridgehead. The photo below shows the attack force just prior to setting out.

The allied strategy was to pin the French right and make its major attack on the weaker French left. The Brunswickers were particularly aggressive on the extreme left of the allied assault. One of the highlights of the game came on about the fourth turn when the 95th rifles rolled a double six. The French brigade commander was within range, so had to roll. The youngest member of our group, at 14, tossed snake eyes and saw his general run away in a panic!

The allied attacks on the left tied down most of the French forces, but at a very high price. Two highlander battalions took severe casualties while trying to drive off a French battery. The gunners were eventually driven off, but not until both highland units had suffered over 30% casualties.

The French commander, Tim, was very aggressive on the right flank. His swift counter-attack basically shattered the tightly packed Brunswickers and sent them fleeing back across the bridge.

The British attack on the French left, however, was much more successful. In the photo below the British unit fired a volley at long range and caused only one casualty, but the morale roll was a paltry three, so the threat was turned away.

In the last turn of the game, a second British unit charged a battery of horse artillery, which chose to stand. It passed morale, but was destroyed on the consequent mele. This created a hole in the French line which would be hard to plug as there were no reserves on this side of the battlefield

Everybody had a good time. We were able to get through seven turns in about four hours. Not bad considering our inexperience with the rules.

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