Sunday, March 29, 2009

More SYW action

I finally received my rules and am in the midst of trying out my first "real" game using the entire set of rules. This encounter featured a very large Prussian army assaulting a Russian force defending an elevated position. The cavalry of both sides was lined up on the right Prussian flank so I could continue to test this part of the rules.

The Prussians had a very rough go of it. In the middle, their infantry took heavy losses from several Russian batteries. But on the third turn things really turned south. In the huge cavalry fight, the Russians not only won every mele, but rolled double sixes on two of them! This doubled the casualties and sent three Prussian regiments scrambling back. The Russian horse grenadiers rolled an 11 on their pursuit test, which meant they wouldn't even be unformed from the combat.
In the shot below you can see the results of the combat.
Here is yet another shot of the Russian's tremendous victory over the Prussian cavalry.
The shot below shows the devestating effect of the Russian artillery on the advancing Prussians.
One unit has already dispersed and a second has taken close to 25% casualties.
On this same turn, on the Prussian left, a battalion advancing in column was hit by a Russian battery which rolled double sixes, the third of the turn. In this case, the Prussian brigadier was killed and the battalion faltered, which stopped the attack cold for the foreseeable future.
I have learned that it is very costly to attack enemy artillery and that cavalry combat can be very unpredictable. It has been a lot of fun thus far!

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