Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SYW Pictures

As I said yesterday, my rebasing project is moving right along. I finished the last of the infantry tonight. Now I just have the Austrian cavalry and some Prussian hussars to go.
The picture to the left is from a test battle I put together to try to familiarize myself with the Die Kriegskunst rules. The Prussians were taking a serious beating from the Russians sitting behind a stone wall. I learned a few things about the firing mechanics, to say the least.
The second photo is of my Prussian heavy cavalry. I increased them from 16 to 20 figures. They are an intimidating force!

After this shot was taken the dragoons to the front clashed with some Russian hussars. The dragoons were victorious on both fronts, routing their opponents. But the dragoons' joy was short-lived as two regiments of Russian horse grenadiers were in support. They were far enough behind the hussars so as not to be unformed by their retreat, and they withstood the morale check. The next turn they convincingly revenged their countrymen.

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