Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rebasing update

I need to accept the fact that sometimes it is best to add a post even if there aren't pictures to go along with the post. I am nearly finished with my rebasing project. It has been quite enjoyable to see the improvement in the stands and the units take their place on the field. Today I will finish the last of the infantry, two Prussian and three Bavarian regiments, each of two battalions. I will paint up four more batteries of Austrian guns and then about 72 cavalry figures to fill out my Austrian and Prussian hussars. I still have loads of figures, so I will try to add some more exotic units for some variety and then hopefully sell off the rest.

I have three months until my summer class. In weak moments I begin thinking about going through the same process with my AWI collection. After a hard day's work I find it very relaxing to go out into the garage and go through the process and seeing the results. It really goes pretty quickly once everything is set up. But there is more to do on my SYW collection before I can do anything else.

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