Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forward up the slopes

The second stage of the Battle of Wheeler's Creek is well under way.  I got two turns in today.  There were mixed results for the British and Hessians.  On their left, the Americans licked the enemy with some vicious volleys and blasts of cannister.  Two more battalions were routed from the field and others were disordered by their departure.
The British take a beating attacking the Americans defending a stone wall
   On the right flank, however, things went a little better.  The casualties were still very high, but some progress was made.  A battery was captured, a unit of militia was shaken by a thundering volley and another unit was pushed back into the woods by the same charge that captured the guns.  It's up to the supporting units now to continue to press the attack.
Despite terrible losses, the Hessians make some headway against the American militia

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