Thursday, August 12, 2010

More of Wheeler's Creek

Turns five and six. The volleys continued and both sides lost heavily. The Guards, having lost 33% of their strength, disengaged, as did the New Jersey regiments that faced them. But behind the boiling clouds of battle smoke, the British had moved up some fresh units for a decisive push.

The volleys continue to take a heavy toll on both sides, but neither will back down
Behind the battle smoke are over 360 British Guards dead and wounded

Turn seven. On the British right three attacks went in. The Americans were stubborn in their defense, but ultimately had to give ground, yielding most of the fenced road to the King’s men. On the left, the elite light units of both sides fought a bloody mele until both battalions were forced to withdraw to regroup.
Once again, the bayonette does its job in driving back the rebels
Unthinkable!  The Guards have had enough.
No one is left in the woods except the dead and wounded.

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