Friday, August 13, 2010

Wheeler's Creek continued

Turn seven was relatively calm as both sides had to reorganize after the British attack. 

The British have cleared the fenced road and now control the heights. (To enlarge the photos, just click on them.
The American guns made good their escape, but only because of the sacrifice of Nash's North Carolina brigade that took two point blank volleys from some Hessians and British regulars.
Only dead and wounded remain on the field from Nash's North Carolina brigade.  But the guns have been saved.
As the Americans are pulling back, Knyphausen's division makes its appearance on the field.  This is Grant's brigade leading the way.  Phase one of the battle is just about over.  The next objective is to cross Wheeler's Creek and attack the hills that the town sits upon.  Losses have been heavy on both sides.  The British guards and grenadiers are no longer able to participate due to heavy casualties.
These are the lead elements of Knyphausen's division making their way on to the field.  It will be their job to attack across the creek into the teeth of the American defenses.

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