Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Phase two of Wheeler's Creek is underway

After taking a few days off, the battle has been resumed!  We left off with the British pushing back Alexander's fifth division.  The first turns of this new round saw the Americans disengaging their forward line and exiting the field.  It will now be up to the second line to settle the manner.

The American militia await the attack
The British are pressing the attack with the Hessian grenadiers and Grey's and Agnew's brigades on their left.  On the right, Knyphausen't fresh division is going to take on the American militia units dug in in the woods.
Knyphausen's Hessians get ready to attack.

The disciplined ranks of the British and Hessians appear to be unstoppable.  The first turn of the attack sees them moving forward relentlessly.  But on the second turn, they move into cannister range and the situation changes dramatically as two units are routed from the field.  The momentum has truly shifted to the American side.

In the top picture, the Hessian grenadiers aren't able to withstand the losses they suffer and turn tail and run, disordering and shaking up the unit supportin them.  The second picture shows the same thing happening on the right flank.  It's a whole new ballgame

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