Saturday, December 13, 2014

SYW Campaign Continues

Now that football season is over I was able to start up our military history club at school.  The kids surprised me by wanting to continue the campaign we started last year.  So after school yesterday we took up where we left off last spring.

This battle saw the Prussians desperately trying to cut off a bold Russian advance on their capital.  The Czar's soldiers had established themselves in a town atop a vital crossroads.  Three Prussian brigades blocked the advance and were awaiting reinforcements.  The Russians were more numerous initially, but were spread across the table and would need to consolidate.

The Prussian general was intent on driving the Russians out of the town and ordered his men forward.  They suffered from the fire of a Russian heavy battery, but two straight rolls of double six by a unit of jagers silenced the guns and gave the Prussians the momentum.

The Russians were hampered by the high die roll it took to change orders.  For most of the game they were stuck on "engage" orders and couldn't react to rapidly changing situations.  It wasn't until the last turn of our game that a brigade of light Russian cavalry finally was able to switch to an "assault" order.  This spelled the doom of a Prussian infantry brigade that was caught squarely in the flank.

As the crash of musketry and cannon began to diminish the game was declared a "draw".  The Russians, despite sustaining significant casualties, still held the town.  The reinforcing Prussian brigades were not able to break through the Russian line and force a retreat.

On the Russian left, cossacks hold back Prussian reinforcements.

On the Russian right, grenadiers try to stand up against cuirassiers.  They didn't.

At the end of the game, the Russians assured a draw by finally getting a brigade of cavalry to assault a Prussian brigade in the flank.

Prussian attacks go in against the town.  The game ended before they could achieve a victory.

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