Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fight for Ligny

Taking advantage of my Christmas break by getting back to Napoleonics.  I have a small corp of Prussians, made up of two infantry "brigades" and a division of cavalry.  They are taking on three French infantry divisions along with a light cavalry division.  The Old Guard is in support and will be used only if necessary.  Here are some pictures of the set-up and opening moves.
One Prussian infantry brigade is holding Ligny

The Prussian cavalry is posted on the right where the ground is more open.

The rest of the Prussian cavalry.

The second Prussian infantry brigade is posted to the right of Ligny and in reserve behind the town.

The Prussian left, anchored in some woods and a farm.
The French plan was to attack vigorously on the flanks in the hope of drawing off the Prussian reserves.  As the flank attacks went in, the French would pound Ligny's defenses with three batteries of artillery and harass it with skirmishers before sending in an assault on the town itself. 

The French light cavalry move out to attack their Prussian counterparts who are advancing to meet them.

A French brigade attacks the extreme left flank of the Prussians, hoping to turn it and force the commitment of Prussian reserves.

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