Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ligny Continued

The first three turns have seen the French send in their initial attacks without much success.  The Prussian cannon are holding back the Emperor's columns while the French guns have been very ineffective in making a dent on Ligny's defenders.
Prussian guns holding back the French assaults.

The elite 4th Leger is unable to close with this battery.  Casualties are mounting.

The defenders on the outskirts of Ligny have been particularly stubborn.
The cavalry battle has been pretty much a stand-off, but this is definitely in the Prussian's favor.  Prussian jagers have been able to empty some French saddles as they have approached the growing conflict.  The Prussian cannons have also done some damage.

The dead horses mark where entire stands of cavalry have been eliminated from the contest.

The Prussian horse is gaining the advantage, and the second brigade is preparing to enter the fray in the background.
The next turn saw a lull in the fighting between the cavalry.  Two French units were able to rally while others moved up to prepare to attack.

Rallied lancers move up.  The next turn should see things heat up considerably.

Prussian reserves move into position.
Around Ligny, the French were able to gain a foothold in the outskirts, but at a very high price.  A second attempt to take the guns on the extreme Prussian left was again unsuccessful.  The -3 for casualties from a blast of canister was just enough to stall the charge of the 1/4th Leger.  An assault on the farm also failed.  All in all, the Prussian commander is feeling pretty good about things at this stage.

Finally, a small success for the French.

The view from behind Ligny.  The town is still quite secure.

A second attempt to take the guns falls short despite the heroic leadership of the brigade commander.

The Prussian conscripts are holding firm on the left.

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