Friday, August 14, 2015

Chicamauga-Brock's Field

I had four terrific helpers this summer for my miniature wargaming class.  As a way to express my appreciation I am putting on a game just for them this Saturday.  They requested a battle using Regimental Fire and Fury, so this is what I came up with. 

Brock's field became a very important part of the Union line defending the vital Lafayette Road.  For our purposes, two Union divisions, each of three brigades, will be defending against two Confederate divisions, comprising eight brigades.  The overall terrain is heavily wooded, so the cleared fields became focal points of the action.  The Brotherton Road was the primary route for the Confederates to move towards the front.  A couple of farm roads were also important.  Here are a few pictures of the setup prior to the game.  A full write-up will follow.

Looking west.  The Lafayette Road extends down the right of the picture.

The Union left.
The Union left center.
The Union center.  The Brock farm is in the foreground.
The Union right.  The rebels can be seen massing for the attack in the background.
There will be four of us playing tomorrow, each commanding a division.  The Yankees overlap the Rebs' right; the Confederates do the same to the Union right.  Due to the rough terrain, artillery will be limited in its use.  The rebels have a slight numerical advantage.  They will need to use it well if they are to succeed in cutting the Lafayette Road.

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