Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spanish Battle Part 2

I concluded my Spanish battle today in an attempt to better understand the General de Brigade rules.  The focus today was on the Support Order.  In yesterday's account, a Spanish infantry brigade was driven back 30 centimeters as a result of failing a brigade morale test.  They fled through a supporting cavalry brigade which caused the three regiments to become unformed.
On the next turn, the French advanced to take the hill.  They fired on the regrouping cavalry, but did no damage.

On the next turn, the Spaniards were allowed to make one charge on a formed infantry unit.  The lancers were selected to strike.  Their target was the unit on the left of the picture above.  Having already fired, the battalion suffered a -2 plus and additional -2 for charging cavalry.  No horsemen were lost in the assault.  They passed their moral check, as did the French, but being conscripts, they lost the melee and had to retreat.
The Spanish lancer close, but ultimately lose the melee.
On the next two turns an additional cavalry unit charges.  In each case, the unit sustains casualties and is unable to close.
Spanish dragoons attempt to charge.

An overview of the overall situation.
Despite the failure of the charges, they do buy time for the infantry to regroup and advance back into the battle for the ridge line.
The Spanish infantry attempt to retake their former position on the ridge.
The Spanish artillery once again comes into play and does fearful execution among the blue clad columns.  But three French columns assault the Spanish right against two Spanish units in line.  One is forced to retreat, the other is routed.  This, for all intents and purposes, ends the battle in favor of the French.  It has been a very costly victory indeed.
The defeated Spanish units can be seen at the top of the picture.

The star for the Spanish side was this battery of artillery.  But it wasn't enough to win the day.
I learned a lot more about the General de Brigade rules through this little action.  There are little things that can make big differences.  For instance, the Spanish lancers gained a +1 to their moral roll for not having any casualties.  This was just enough to allow them to close.  It didn't help them in the melee, however.  It was a fun game.  I hope you enjoyed the account.


  1. Cool pics and its great having the rules explained. Haven't played Gen de B for quite some time!

  2. Great stuff good looking miniatures and table
    Looking forward to more