Sunday, June 5, 2016

28mm Collection in their First Action

Several members of a blog that I posted on were rather adamant that I should actually game with my 28mm collection.  Today I did just that, though only briefly.  But I did a short video and took several pictures.  The figures do look nice out on the table. Enjoy.
A British square

This cavalry melee ended in a draw.

French columns assault the British line.

A closer look at some highlanders

French lancers regrouping after destroying a battalion of highlanders that couldn't form square in time.

A line of highlanders is able to halt two battalions of the Old Guard with a ferocious volley.

Royal Horse Artillery stand their ground against a French attack.

This Spanish battery is in trouble.

These British light dragoons were able to gain the advantage over a regiment of French hussars.
For a brief video of the first couple of turns, just click the link.  Thanks for visiting.

Youtube link

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