Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Scratch Built Napoleonic Spanish House

Figures need terrain.  28mm terrain pieces can be very expensive.  As I am without any figures to paint at the moment I decided to try my hand at building a Spanish house and barn based on some photos from the internet.  I was only going to use what was readily at hand, which was cardboard, some spackling I use for basing my figures, some white glue and a few match sticks.  My only tools were an xacto knife and a pair of scissors.  Over the course of three and a half hours on Sunday night and an hour and a half yesterday I put together this Spanish house.  In addition, I finished the barn to go with it, but still need to paint it.  My mistakes are clear to me now, and I am sure that I will do much better in the future.  But for a first try, I am quite pleased.  The roof is detachable, and I may put removable floors in it so that troops can be placed inside.

I was most pleased by the way the roof tiles turned out.  They are the insides of the cardboard cut into strips.

I need to do a better job on things like railings the next time around.

I will also use tape on the corners to avoid gaps like this one.  I added extra plaster and a bit of Woodland Scenics ballast to provide some relief to paint on some shrubs.

The back of the house
I wanted to do some stairs up to the door here, but that seemed a bit out of my pay grade this first  attempt.

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