Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A few more additions to my Spanish Village

I am enjoying my first week of vacation.  Today I finished up yet another building for my Spanish village.  It was a simpler design and I realized that sometimes less is more.  I also made six more wall sections, one of which includes a gate.  The last pieces were road sections that total about 12 feet.  These are made of cardboard covered with a mixture of water, spackling and white glue and then sprinkled with some Woodland Scenics fine ballast.  This final touch would provide some definition so as to depict weeds on the roadway.

For very little expense and an enjoyable use of time I have been able to assemble a substantial amount of scenery to use with my 28mm collection.

The rear of the town and the church

cavalry entering the town

Warlord Games mule train

Newest house. Simple design, but effective.

The rear of the church and some new wall sections

The front of the new house, sporting light blue trim, and a glimpse of a new road section.
A British line ready for action
Here is a link to a brief video I have posted on Youtube.

Youtube video


  1. Hi. Are you just using corrugated cardboard for your tile roofs? Cheers. Brian.

  2. Yep. I am getting the hang of it and I think it turns out pretty well.

  3. The Spanish village is coming along great. It looks very authentic.