Monday, June 13, 2016

Warlord Games Portugese Cacadores

To round out a brigade of 28mm Portugese I picked up a couple of packs of the new cacadores put out by Warlord Games.  I also forked out a few bucks to secure the mule train they have.  These are metal figures and beautifully sculpted.  There is great variety in the cacadores.  Two packs plus the two figure command group gave me a total of 18 figures.  This is a small battalion for  my collection, but it will be a nice addition.  The mule train is loaded with lots of goodies that were fun to paint up.  These were a bit pricey, but I'd have to say they were well worth it.
A joy to paint

Note the variety of items loaded on to each mule.

These are my two Spanish scratch built buildings.  I painted the railings and window frames yellow to add a bit of color.  I have also finished a church and some wall sections which I'll post pictures of soon. 
Warlord Games had a special going in May; 10% off their figures and free postage.  I also got a couple of boxes of early French.  All was well until I opened the boxes and found that the metal command figures in both were Russian and not French.  This is the third straight order that there has been something wrong.  So far, they have been good about making things right, but it is getting annoying to have something not right each time I order figures from them.


  1. Like them a lot. I am building a slightly earlier themed army so my cacadores are in barrentina (Elite Miniatures). Have some Front Rank as well as yet unpainted - I think I like some of the Warlord poses better.

  2. Wow! Incredible, how you paint this small, little figures so fantastically! Bravo!