Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd General de Brigade game

Thanks to my new blog, I made contact with another person here int the L.A. area who was interested in General de Brigade. We played our first game tonight and had a great time together. We scaled down the Waterloo scenario in the rulebook. Slava took the French and I had the British and allies. At left is a picture of Slava moving his Guard forward.

The picture above captures the opening shots of the battle.

To the left is a photo of two Guard battalions that are close to coming to grips with two Brunswick battalions. The right hand Guard battalion had suffered several casualties from the supporting British foot battery.

Below shows even more of the line as the French make their final push on the ridge.

The British guards unleashed a murderous fire that stopped three French guard battalions cold. Two faltered and the third was forced to retreat

Even on the extreme right of the allied line, the French met some stiff resistance from a Nassau battalion. The lone allied cavalry unit also switched from a support order to assault which forced two battalions into square, slowing the advance on this flank dramatically.
We called the game at this point. The French had made significant gains on the allied left, driving back the two Brunswick battalions. Additionally, they had brought up their 12lb battery into a position that would allow it to enfilade the ridge. The Dutch/Belgian brigade changed orders and began to march to the battered flank, but it would probably be to little too late.
As could be expected, the French casualties were extremely high while the allies were incredibly light.
My thanks to Slava for helping me get a much clearer grasp of the rules. I look forward to many more tabletop encounters!

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