Saturday, January 17, 2009

My first General de Brigade game

After dabbling with the rules for several months, it was time to try out my first game to see how they played out. The scenario was fictional, pitting two allied infantry divisions (British/Hanoverian and Brunswick) against three French (two infantry and a light cavalry). The picture at right shows the British/Hanoverian division holding the cross roads. A wood is to their right which is held by the Hanoverian light battalions. To left is a ridge that is held by the Brunswick battalions. On the extreme left is the Brunswick cavalry.

Turn One- The Allies won the initiative and chose to let the French go first to discern their intentions. Three of the four French infantry brigades were ordered to assault as was the lancer brigade. The fourth French brigade was to engage the Brunswick light infantry on the extreme right to protect the flank of the main assault. The chasseurs a cheval were also on this flank for support. Cleeve's KGL foot battery fired the opening shot at a limbered French 12lb battery. Depite the vulnerabilty of the target, only one hit was inflicted.

Turn Two- The French won the initiative and continued to move forward. Cleeve's battery continued to fire, joined by Lloyd's battery and the Brunswick horse artillery.

Turn Three- The French win the initiative again and keep it. Jamin's brigade engages the Hanoverian light infantry in the woods. The French 12lb battery unlimbers and fires at the Allied infantry, but to no effect.

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