Saturday, January 17, 2009

The longest journey starts with the first step

Perhaps it is arrogant to think that anyone else would be interested in my wargaming activities, but I really enjoy reading about other people's exploits and thought I would put my fingers to a keyboard and have at it.
I love history, particularly military history. I went from the big Fort Apache figures in elementary school to Airfix plastic figures in high school and college. Napoleonics was my first love, followed closely by the American Civil War. Then I discovered the 15mm Minifigs and that opened a whold new chapter. Right now, most of my figures are Old Glory. I just finished a project of putting together the complete forces for Quatre Bras. The picture below is a small sampling of those figures. But I also have a large collection of ACW, AWI, SYW and even some Brits and Dervishes.
It seems what I enjoy most about this hobby is building up the armies and then seeing them laid out on the gaming table. I have a very small townhouse, but my wife has graciously allowed me to have at 8ftX5ft gaming table permanently set up in our garage. I also enjoy making the battlefield look as realistic as possible with buildings, trees and other accesories.
I am a member of HMGS Pacific Southwest, but that hasn't helped me much in finding gaming partners. I enjoy the conventions and hosting games, but that hasn't really parlayed into any lasting gaming relationships.
My primary gaming opportunities come through a class I have been sponsoring that last five summers for middle schoolers. When the program started they were looking for unique classes. I wondered if there might be interest in my soldiers. There certainly has been. I usually run the class for two to three weeks with 10 to 18 students in each class. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the kids pick up on the rules and their enthusiasm for the games.
I will be learning as I go. This is a new experience for me. If you have any comments or suggestions for how to make this blog better, please let me know.


  1. Thanks for sharing your gaming with the rest of us! It's not all arrogant to think others might be interested in your battles. I spend a good deal of time searching the net for just this sort of thing. I guess you could say that a pretty fair percentage of us who dabble in this hobby are "kindred spirits" in our love of the miniature soldier. I too began my journey with plastic warriors. I was probably 5 yrs old when i recieved for Christmas a NAVARONE playset. If you have never experienced one it is truly a sight to behold, especially for such a young lad. The set came complete with all sorts of Germans and GI's, not to mention landing craft, halftracks and artillery for both. There were casualty units for both sides, a freight elevator, armor, medics, stretcher bearers, and officers shouting orders(how could I not be hooked?!). Having been an only child and having a rather large backyard, there was no end to the adventures.
    Flashforward 12 years:
    Some distant cousins came to visit and introduced me to a new game called Battletech. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I attended a Strategicon event for the first time. Wow, didn't know people did this sort of stuff, even grownups. Then, un- fortunately, icky girls got in the way and I took a two-decades long hiatus from my much too shallow forray into wargames.
    Forward 20 more years:
    Marriage, house, 5 kids later. I was cleaning out a storage unit my mom had and discovered a box containing my much loved minis. Introduced them to my oldest son, he bit. Started collecting again just for the sake of collecting and painting. Met a guy at work who did model train layouts. He had some knowledge of wargames and terrain making. It's his fault I am now obsessed with making terrain! What began as a hobby has now become a part time job as three of us build and sell terrain on the net and at Strategicons. Little by little, thanks mainly to our customers, I'm broadening my interests in other types of wargames. Presently I'm into colonial era and desert cities(Middle east past and present)and what is referred to as PULP style gaming. I'm looking forward to devoting more time to playing, just too difficult coordinating time with others. I'm happy that St. Crispin's in Anahiem is growing, probably my best chance to learn more and play. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Your blog looks good. I'll check in from time to ime. Thanks for sharing the hobby with us.