Monday, January 19, 2009

Favorite links

I have always thought that terrain is almost as equally important as the figures that adorn it. It makes the whole battle much more visually appealing, which is what I like most about minatures. A company that makes beautiful buildings for the tabletop is Crescent Root Studios. You can buy them painted, but I have bought mine unpainted and do them up myself. The ones on the left are from their 15mm European range (except for the Hovels Tudor house on the extreme left of the photo).

The buildings to the left are from their Middle East range. The roofs on just about all of the models come off so that troops can be placed inside which I think is a nice feature. They are an absolute joy to paint.

The building at the left is a photo from their web site. They show all of their buildings painted in a variety of ways. Follow the link under my favorite web sites to check them out.

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