Monday, January 19, 2009

General de Brigade game conclusion

The final turn of the game was an eventful one. In this bound, the French coordinated an attack
on the allied right. It was a formidable task, as the left portion of this line was held by two British regiments. The assault met with mixed results. The photo above captures the highlight of the day. A small French battalion was able to drive back a much larger British counterpart. The battalions to the left, however, were not as successful. The second picture captures the first "double six" of the game, rolled by the British battalion on the left. This faltered the Frenchmen and stunned general de brigade Gauthier, causing him to withdraw from the field for one turn. Lloyd's battery to the right also halted the second French column.On the extreme right of the allied line, the French endured a withering volley from a Hanoverian line battalion and pressed on into mele, forcing the men in red to retreat, and continuing to threaten the entire line.
On the allied left, the firefight continued with the French taking the worst of it. The resulting casualties made any further aggression on this flank out of the question. At this point, the game was over.
I learned a lot from this encounter. Artillery wasn't as devestating as I thought it would be, and several infantry volleys had little effect. But casualties were still inflicted. In this game, the attrition really takes a toll. Maneuvering was also a challenge as the units were tightly packed. This was especially true when trying to pull the cavalry back from its attack. It moved quickly, though, and was quite enjoyable.

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