Tuesday, July 21, 2015

French and Indian War Part 2

Our action continued with a major change in procedure.  The battle was really two battles in one.  Using the same deck took a long time.  The players were very patient, but they are kids after all.  So we divided the deck between the two ends of the table and started that way.  It sped things up quite a bit.  After all the maneuvering yesterday, most of the units were in a position to fire, and that they did!

In the wooded portion, Roger's Rangers began with a definite edge.  They poured fatigue points on the inferior units facing them.  But the tide began to turn when two companies of French marines entered the fray.  These units were made up of 14 figures and were rated as elite.  This allowed them to throw a lot of dice and the damage to the British units was indicative of this.  By day's end, the Rangers were pretty much spent, but the Marine companies were in a fragile state as well.  A unit of militia actually made it into the confines of the Indian village, but were quickly driven out by a vicious counterattack.

In the woods to the north of the village a lone band of Indians was holding off three companies of Virginia militia.  They used the cover of the woods well and drove off a charge by a Virginia company.  But they ultimately succumbed to too many fatigue points and had to retire towards the village.  Both sides  were exhausted.

On the fort end of the table, the French just couldn't get their reinforcements to get into the battle.  The one unit that did accomplished a great deal, but being unsupported, it was shattered by combined volleys and had to withdraw.  Inside the fort, there were too few defenders to man the entire wall.  The 42nd Highlanders took some stiff casualties and lost a big man, but by the end of the day's fighting they had managed to establish a strong foothold within the walls.  The English definitely held the advantage on this end of the table.

We will fight out this scenario for one more day making another change to enhance play.  This time we will not use a Tiffen card.  This means that all units will get to move every turn.  We will also add reinforcements each turn so there will be fresh troops to fight with.  We'll see how that works.

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