Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SYW Campaign Day Three

We began the day on turn ten.  To this point the Franco/Austrians had been enjoying a great deal of success.  Their cavalry won every engagement it was involved in and their infantry had pinned the Prussian deep in their own territory.  In fact, they had been so successful that they were directing Ortzen's cavalry and arriving reinforcements to help out on the beleaguered left flank.

Things began to unravel, however, when Zeiten's Prussian hussars entered the game at took Ortzen's horsemen completely by surprise.  On turn eleven, they came storming across the bridge and smashed a regiment of Austrian dragoons.  On the pursuit test, they rolled low and continued on into a line of Von Daun's grenadiers.  The Austrian center was in trouble.
Zeiten's hussars strike swiftly
Zeiten's hussars continue their charge into a line of grenadiers which would be destroyed the next turn.

Things also we becoming dire on the Austrian right.  Hadik's cavalry brigade, though successful early on, had suffered tremendous losses and would fail their brigade morale check at the end of the turn.  D'Air's infantry charged Bevern's battery.  In determining the outcome the battery rolled double sixes.  It was not enough to win, but if forced a test to see if D'Air would become a casualty.  The roll was low and our first general officer of the game was killed.  And all the while, three fresh brigades of Prussians, including veteran cavalry and grenadiers, were pouring onto the table on this flank.
Hadik's cavalry meeting their end

Battered Bavarians gain ground, but lose their commander in the process

Hoards of Prussian reinforcements enter the field
Turn twelve was the last of the day.  As a lull came over the field, both Von Daun's and Puebla's Austrian brigades failed brigade morale checks and were forced to withdraw.  Adding insult to injury, they didn't roll high enough to bring on any much needed reinforcements this turn.  Andlau was bringing pressure on the village on the left flank, but Waldus's Prussians were on the attack and close to cutting him off.  Only Lameth's French cavalry will be able to intervene.  There is no Prussian horse on this end of the table to check them.
Andlau's men attempting to take a portion of the village.
The day ended having just started turn 13.  Two more days of gaming to go.

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