Monday, July 20, 2015

French and Indian War with Sharpe's Practice Rules

Today we began a large skirmish game based on the French and Indian War.  It is giving me a chance to use my new Blue Moon fort.

I have 13 players and 3 assistants.  Not a lot happened today as it takes time with these rules to get into position.  But by day's end, things were beginning to pop.  At the more wooded end of the table, three companies of Roger's Rangers and two war parties of Indians emerged from the woods to attack an important block house that protects a bridge.  One French Indian party suffered heavily.  Balancing this out, a party siding with the British piled up 10 fatigue points and will have to retire on the next turn.

On the fort end of the table, the 28th Foot has maneuvered slowly but surely up the main road and has two or three companies deploying to attack.  The 42nd Highlanders are also approaching on the 28th's left.  A volley from the fort walls made one of the Scots a casualty.  The French commander has opened the gate to the fort and dispatched a company to try to slow the 28th's advance.  It also appears to be his intention to use his cannon outside the walls in hopes of evening the odds.

Early movement of the 28th Foot
Rangers and Indians making their way towards the block house through the woods.
French Marines entering the game

The first major firefight

The 28th continues to move towards the fort.

The grenadier company of the 28th gets to just outside musket range of the fort's gate.

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