Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quatre Bras Day Two

Day two began with turn five, or 3:00 game time.  The French threw in attacks against the Bossau Wood and Germioncourt, all of which fell short.  But on the next turn the French were successful in driving the Nassau battalions out of the wood.  A cuirassier brigade arrived to bolster the French attack and moved quickly up the main road to attack Quatre Bras.
French attacking Bossau Wood

Overview of the Action

French achieve success.

Busy gamers.

Nassau battalions in retreat

Congestion at the crossroads
One the final turn of the day, turn 8, the momentum swung significantly in the direction of the allies thanks to the heroic efforts of their artillery.  A Brunswick battery rolled a double six and took out 7 French chasseurs.  Then the Dutch/Belgian batteries halted direct assaults on them with canister.  The day ended on that note.
This Brunswick battery did fearful execution at the end of the game day.

A close-up of the action in the middle of the table.

Reinforcements will be arriving for both sides in the morning.  It should be interesting.

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  1. Looking fantastic Duke! Great to see a handsome game with enthusiastic gamers.