Friday, July 17, 2015

SYW Mini Campaign Final Report

The last two days saw the campaign take several interesting twists and turns.  Day four began with turn 13 in our campaign.

Turn 13- Only the Prussians received reinforcements this turn, Treshkow's grenadier brigade entering on the Prussian left.  This only added to the traffic jam already in place there.  On the other end of the table, General Andlau was forced to take a "risk to general" test.  He rolled a three which meant his horse was startled and carried him into the enemy's lines and captivity.  His brigade was forced to take a morale check which it failed.  The Austrian left was in great peril as a result.  In the center, Zeiten's hussars storm the hill and drive back Ortzen's exhausted troopers.
Turn 14- The Austrian right is bolstered by the arrival of Sincere's brigade.  Counterbalancing this, Zeiten's victorious cavalry follow continue their gallant charge right into the tail of Wurben's column, destroying a battalion.  In addition, Lameth's cavalry charge on Waldus's line is beaten back by a volley roll of double six.  After a vicious fire fight in the woods, Bevern's Prussian brigade has reached a breaking point and is routed from the table.
Lameth's cavalry faltered by a staggering volley
Pressure builds on the Austrian right
Turn 15- Neither side receives reinforcement.  Zeiten's light cavalry continue to ravage Wurben's column.
On this turn it is General Von Luckner's fate to roll a three on the "risk to general" table and be captured by the enemy.
Prussian infantry and cavalry trying to get into the fight
Turn 16-  Both sides receive reinforcements as the battle heads into its climax.  Zeiten's hussars capture an Austrian battery while both Hulsen's and Von Zastrow's infantry brigades lumber towards the town.
Puebla's depleted brigade stubbornly holding on to a stone wall
At the end day four, based on possession of objective points, the score was tied.  The Austrians, despite numerous setbacks, were still in reach of a victory.  Day five would decide the final outcome.
Prussian/Hanoverian totals over four day.
Franco/Austrian totals
Turn 17- Both sides received reinforcements of cavalry on the Prussian right flank.  Most of the turn was devoted to regrouping and organizing for the final push for victory.
Prussians driving hard

Schonacht's veteran cavalry brigade enters the fray
Turn 18- Only the Austrians receive reinforcements, Bethany's infantry brigade, and they head directly to the imperiled center.  The rolls don't go the Prussians' way, and both Hulsen and Von Bishenhausen are forced to retire.  This vacates some key possession points and the Prussian victory is in definite danger.  Adding to the anxiety, two Austrian cavalry charges succeed in securing a bridge worth 50 points on the Austrian right.
Bethanyi's infantry advancing towards the center

Hanoverians attacking in the center
Turn 19- The game is definitely winding down now.  On the Prussian right, Waldus changes his orders to assault a farm and field in a desperate bid to secure some critically important points. Several other charges take place, but none will have an effect on the outcome.
Austrian cavalry capture both ends of the vital bridge
Turn 20- All eyes are focused on a single line of Waldus's battered infantry as it attempts to capture a farm and field on the extreme right flank.  Despite having lost 25% of its number, the stalwart line passes its morale check to charge and in it goes.  The garrison of the farm is not so fortunate, rolling a 3 for their moral, which forces them to retreat.  The farm is captured along with the field.

As the players and I adjourned to discuss the week, my assistants took a final tally of points.  Amazingly, the total stood at 400 points for the Austrians and 400 points for the Prussians.  The Prussians had somehow snatched a draw out of the jaws of victory.  Regardless of the outcome, every player had a terrific time and was able to cite a highlight that they would carry with him or her for a long time to come.  It was a great week and great fun, just as our hobby was meant to be.


  1. Wonderful.
    Fantastic layout and figures.
    Great to see the young scholars enjoying the hobby.

    Thank You for sharing the week of gaming.