Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Die Kriegskunst Game Day Three

Another exciting day at the wargaming class.  Each turn took a little longer as there was a lot going on.  To summarize, on the Prussian left both sides are gearing up for a huge battle for the Austrian town.  Prussian grenadiers have pushed across the open plain and will definitely hit the Austrian works in the next turn.  Prussian cavalry is swinging around the far flank in support.
Beginning of the day.  A whopper of a fight is brewing!

Prussian grenadiers steel themselves for the attack.
In the middle, Waldus's brigade has changed its orders and is retiring to the important town it was supposed to defend in the first place.  Toward the end of the day, Manstein's large brigade entered near the town.  But Austrian cavalry is making Waldus's withdrawal very difficult.

To the right of this, Hulsen's men are having a very hard time attacking the bridge that was their objective.  Austrian grenadiers are peppering their flank, and the Bavarians have gone on the offensive, forcing Hulsen to fight on two fronts.  His losses are mounting quickly.
Hulsen is clinging to his position.

A larger view of the situation on the Prussian right-center.
On the Prussian right, things looked very promising at the beginning of the day.  Fresh troops arrived on the first turn, the light cavalry had fought the Austrians to a standstill, and another brigade was advancing quickly toward its objective.  But the situation changed dramatically when two new Austrian brigades arrived on successive turns, forcing the Prussians to turn to the defensive.  This also put the village worth 50 points at risk.
Austrian grenadiers arrive first.

The next turn, this large infantry brigade deploys on the Prussian flank.

Von Luckner's brigade enters the field on the Prussian extreme right.
It was a fun day with lots of twists and turns.  I expect more of the same tomorrow.

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