Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Regimental Fire and Fury Gettysburg Game Conclusion

Our recreation of the first day of Gettysburg drew to a close today.  As we took up the action for our second day of play reinforcements had arrived for both sides.  The Confederates threw their two additional brigades at the Union left and center.  The Yankees sent Cutler's brigade to shore up their left while the Iron Brigade marched to Seminary Ridge to shore up Buford's shot up cavalry units.
The Iron Brigade approaches the battle.

Cutler's men advance quickly through the woods.
The Pettigrew's rebel brigade, comprised of some huge regiments, sought to drive Gamble's men from the ridge.  The first couple of attempts seemed to be futile (some incredibly poor dice rolls), but towards the end of the day the Union cavalry was breaking off from the action.  Pettigrew's men crested the ridge flushed with what appeared to be a victory, only to be confronted by the bayonets of the Iron Brigade.  On the very last phase of the day, all five of the crack regiments charged home, forcing the weary men in butternut back down the ridge and saving the day.  The battle was declared a minor Union victory.

Pettigrew's attack

Overview of the action.
Tomorrow the lads will switch sides and see how they do with the situation reversed.

The battle from behind the Union center.

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