Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Die Kriegskunst Game Day Two

We were able to get in eight turns in three hours.  The fighting became much more intense on this day as the two forced slugged it out.  The Prussian cavalry had a rough time.  A brigade of cuirassiers dashed itself against an Austrian position of squares and cannon.  The fact that they charged over a bridge in a narrow column only added to the carnage.  Six attempts to change orders were all unsuccessful, so the gallant horsemen battered themselves to little effect.
A shot of the doomed Prussian cuirassiers.
Over on the Prussian right flank, Zieten's handsome hussars were stymied by a mixed brigade of Austrian horse.  Some German infantry also came up and added to the misery.
The Austrian horse has won the battle for the heights.
In the center, a young Prussian general could not resist the desire to go on the offensive.  Leaving a single battalion to garrison its most vital position, off he went to storm a hill.  To his chagrin, an entire brigade of Austrian veteran cavalry arrived at that very spot.  Tomorrow he will have his hands full trying to survive the onslaught.
The Austrian cavalry can just barely be seen at the top left of this photo.
On the Prussian left, the Austrians pulled back to regroup, allowing the Prussians a chance to build some much needed field works.  The arrival of Prussian reinforcement, a grenadier brigade and some more cuirassiers, were a huge boost to morale on this beleaguered flank.  But the Austrians also had a fresh brigade arrive here as well, so tomorrow should see some very serious fighting.
Austrian reinforcements moving into position to attack.
Prussians move out on the right flank to apply some pressure on the Austrian left.
Day three will see several more brigades arrive on both sides, though the time and place of their arrival will be determined by rolls of the dice.  At some point, over 2,500 figures will make their way to this table.

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