Monday, July 15, 2013

Die Kriegskunst Game

The battle got started today with Prussia and Hanover taking on Austria, France and Bavaria in a fictional game.  I have 16 players on a 12 by 4 table, most of whom are new to this game.  It will be up to the seasoned veterans to bring the rest along.
The table without figures.

An important Austrian village.

The other major Austrian village

The table from the other end.
Each player was allowed to choose a single brigade and place a card representing it on the table.  Once all the brigade cards had been positioned, they were replaced with the actual figures.  Both sides chose five infantry brigades and two cavalry brigades.  The Austrians wisely placed their two cavalry brigades on the flanks.  The Prussians chose to hold their flanks with infantry.  This proved to be a mistake.

Figures have now been added.

Another shot just before the first turn.
Orders were placed and the first turn began.  It became clear that the Austrians were going to be the more aggressive.  They sent out their two cavalry brigades to assault the forces confronting them.  On their right, this was Waldus's elite brigade.  They were caught in column and three of four battalions were completely destroyed.  On the other end of the table, the Austrians won two out of three cavalry meles just as our first day of action was drawing to a close.  Tomorrow will tell us whether or not the Austrian cavalry can complete the conquest of the flanks or not.
Austrian Hussars and Cuirassiers defeat a brigade of Prussian Hussars.
The Prussians will clearly need some reinforcements to be able to avoid a disaster.  Things should really get hot in the center when the two infantry forces come to grips with one another.  So far, everyone seems to be having a good time.  More reports will follow.

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