Monday, July 22, 2013

First solo battle with Russians

I had a small General de Brigade battle with my new Russians.  They were behind earthworks defending a vital town.  A battery and a half plus two battalions of infantry were behind the earthworks, and three battalions of jagers, a horse battery and a regiment of hussars were defending a small village and wood to the left of the town.  A full division of French with significant numbers of light infantry attacked, supported by two French batteries.  One brigade used the cover of some woods to advance against the village, shielding itself from the 12 guns of the Russian horse battery until just before their assault.  The other brigade had to cross much more open ground to come to grips with the Czar's forces behind the trenches and suffered accordingly.  One legere battalion, deployed in line to be less of a target and led by its brigadier actually closed with the half battery before it and briefly captured a portion of the Russian works.  But the effort left them unformed and a swift counter-attack by two fresh Russian battalions quickly recaptured the lost ground and inflicted dreadful casualties upon the French battalion.  Elsewhere along the line, French battalions were forced to halt due to the terrible blasts of cannister and were literally blown apart in the open ground.  The lone success by the end of the battle was as the extreme right of the French attack.  Two line regiments in column charged a battalion of jagers defending a portion of the village and were successful in driving the infantrymen out and establishing themselves in the smoldering ruins left behind.

I felt the battle played out realistically.  The French artillery did little damage in its prepatory bombardment of the Russian batteries.  A heroic charge actually broke into the Russian defenses, but was quickly driven back by supports.
The French were able to disperse the Russian guns, but were quickly driven back by supporting infantry.

Two French battalions capture half of the village. It's 3rd battalion forms square to thwart a Russian cavalry charge.

From behind the Russian heavy battery.  Casualties here were extremely high for the French as can be imagined.

A nice shot from the cathedral spire.

Attacking the heavy battery without success.

Russian hussars are unable to close with the French square.

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