Sunday, July 7, 2013

Regimental Fire and Fury, Game Two

We concluded our week of Civil War action with a re-do of our battle of the first day at Gettysburg.  The kids switched sides and had at it.  This time, however, all of the units began on the table and all of the Rebel batteries started unlimbered.  This had a definite impact on the outcome.

The Confederate generals began to advance on their first turn.  The strategy was to pin the flanks where the infantry brigades were posted and to aggressively assault the dismounted cavalry defending the center in two lines.  The gray and butternut wave swept across the table, suffering heavy casualties.  Despite the gaps in their regiments, they all struck home with vigor.  The Union guns were fairly well neutralized by the rebel guns, and this was really the determining factor in the long-run.

Pettigrew's huge brigade, made up of only trained troops, had the task of taking on the entire Federal right.  This included the vaunted Iron Brigade.  By the end of the game, Pettigrew's brigade was pretty well wrecked, but it had successfully tied down two brigades and even broke through onto the ridge.

On the other flank, Davis used two of his regiments to take on Cutler's infantry while the other two charged ahead into a gap that existed between Cutler and Gamble.  The two pinning regiments routed from the field after suffering extreme casualties from the ceaseless volleys, but the other two units met light opposition in piercing the Union line.

Archer and Brockenbrough crushed Gamble's brigade, driving it from the ridge.  Both brigades were still fairly in tact at the end of the game and would have been able to withstand a significant counter-attack.  This was a clear Confederate victory, though Heth's division was pretty well crippled as a result and would have had a hard time contributing much to the next phases of the battle.

Heth's division surges forward

Archer's men at the beginning of the game.

Davis' brigade on the Confederate right.

Confederate generals moving their men forward.

Davis' men about to break at the end of the game.

The "high water" mark for Pettigrew.
The Iron Brigade coming on at the conclusion of the game.
The game had the right feel to it.  It see sawed back and forth very realistically.  Officers were in harm's way on numerous occasions, but only Devin was mortally wounded.  Archer was hit twice, but only lightly both times.  All in all, we had a great time.

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