Friday, July 11, 2014

2nd ACW Battle, Fictional

In the battle for the sunken road at Antietam, the north won a very costly decision.  They broke through the Confederate defenses, but at the cost of over 4,000 casualties.

My aide and I set up another battle, similar to the first, but this time the rebs wouldn't have the fortified positions they had previously.  All the figures were placed on the table at the beginning and the battlefield was about three feet longer.  We will wrap things up today, but it is going to be tough for the Union to pull out a victory.  In the center, an unsupported attack has been battered back.  Three of the Union's eight brigades are spent and three more are pretty much used up.  On the other hand, two brigades have hardly been engaged at all.  It will be up to them to try to find a weak spot in the rebel line before time runs out.
The high water mark of the Union assault, capturing the church and crossroads.  But this is to be a short-lived gain.

Meagher's brigade is able to pierce the Confederate defenses, but with no brigades in support this is surely not a permanent breach in the line.

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