Thursday, July 24, 2014

Battle of Mockern Days Three and Four

Day three saw the French build on their successes of the previous days, especially in the center.  Two divisions of the Emperor's cavalry nearly drove the allies from the field.  The Russian light cavalry was destroyed and the cuirassier brigade lost 50% of its strength.  On the French right, the Poles continued to drive back their Russian counterparts.  On the left, the French were stubbornly holding on to Mockern with one brigade and drove off the last of the Prussian cavalry with the other.

Day four began with significant reinforcement arriving for the allies.  Another Prussian infantry brigade entered on their right and a large Austrian brigade arrived on the left.  As the day wore on, the French found themselves being driven back, especially on the flanks.  The Poles retired to a ridge to form a less vulnerable defensive line there.  The allies' superiority in cannon began to turn the tide.

As the day ended it was unclear if the French players would call upon the Imperial Guard to try to turn things to their favor.  If they do employ these elite units the best they can hope for is a draw.  But it may be necessary to avoid utter defeat.

Photos from Day Three

Bavarian reinforcements arrive to aid the French in the center

French cavalry pushing back the Russian forces

A French brigade deploys on the center-right

The Poles continue to battle on the far right flank

A second Russian brigade arrives, only to be assaulted immediately by French cavalry
Photos from day four

Prussian infantry maneuvers to attack Mockern

An overview of the action

Austrians go into action

The tide turns in the favor of the allies against the Poles

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