Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Battle of Mockern Day Two

The battle resumed with a fury today.  After yesterday's gains, the allied players were feeling quite confident.  That optimism evaporated rather quickly, however, as the French cavalry scored some major successes in the center of the table.  On the right flank, the Duchy of Warsaw division also made a remarkable comeback, forcing the Russians to withdraw across a river in order to be able to better use their artillery.

In Mockern itself, the Prussians were successful in driving the French from the out defenses but could not gain a foothold into the town itself.  The Prussian cavalry has been ground down throwing itself at the solid French squares, unable to change orders to allow them to pull back.

In the center, the Russian cavalry has taken a terrible beating.  Two full batteries, a total of 24 guns, have been lost to bold charges by the French light cavalry division.  Terrifically outnumbered, the Russians have fought bravely, but their early successes actually worked against them as they usually had to pursue any regiment they defeated.  This exposed the Russian dragoons to both artillery fire and flank charges.

The battle for Mockern

French reinforcements arrive in the center

French squares hold back the Prussian cavalry

An overview of the action

The Poles have turned things around on their flank.  The Russian guns have not made an impact here

A Russian brigade advances in the middle to take on the French reinforcements

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