Thursday, July 3, 2014

FIW Day Four

Our battle of the FIW wrapped up today.  In the end, the French and Indians came out with the victory, though the cost was high.  The final day saw the French overwhelm the 28th Foot in the fort.  When the smoke cleared from several meles, the brave defenders were wiped out.  Col. Abram, the regiment's commander, went down in a last stand with his grenadiers in the back corner of his post.
Dice were flying as the attack on the fort reached its climax.

The 45th Foot tried to fight its way through to make a difference, but various units of Canadian militia and Indian warbands were successful in thwarting their efforts.  The men of the 45th took out their frustration on the Indian village, burning most of it to the ground.

In the center, the Virginia State Militia lost the blockhouse but then won it back again, but sustained severe casualties in the process.  French marines vanquished several companies in this theater with minor losses to themselves.

On the eastern edge of the battlefield things picked up as a fresh regiment of French regulars attacked the town from the south.  Col. Munro of the 42nd orchestrated a masterful defense.  Though his lines were breached in a couple of places, well placed reserves were able to counter attack successfully.  The British clearly got the better of the French on this end of the table.  But it wasn't enough to secure a victory.
Desperate attacks by two companies of French marines were not able to penetrate the 42nd Foot's defenses.
The kids all seemed to have had a great four days of fun.  It was an excellent group and I hope to see many of them back for another week of camp later this month.

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