Monday, July 21, 2014

Napoleonic Battle of Mockern

Today we began our fourth and final week of military history in miniature.  Our battle is based on the events at Mockern during the Leipzig campaign; Russians and Prussians are assaulting the French on a wide front.
We are using General de Brigade rules pretty much as written.  There are six players per side.
These are the French on the outskirts of Mockern

French light cavalry in the center of the table

Polish light cavalry on the extreme right flank

Duchy of Warsaw division on the right flank.

The initial orders issued were rather aggressive with lots of "assault" and "engage" markers assigned on the allied side.  The French were more content to move to solid defensive positions and then hunker down to weather the storm.  But one the first cannon roared, the young French generals threw caution to the wind and changed many of their orders to "assault."

The first moves of the game. Allies are to the left, French to the right.

Russians advance in the center.

French light cavalry attack Russian dragoons and hussars.  To their left and out of the picture French and Russian cuirassiers tangle with each other.
 As the first day drew to a close most of the allied attacks that went in were repulsed.  The French had occupied Mockern.  When Prussian regulars finally received orders to attack they were driven back with loss from the town's walls.  Prussian cavalry supported this attack on the left, but they were also thrown back by solid French squares.  The Poles, however, on the French right were being roughly handled by the effective volleys of the Russian infantry (lots of rolls of nine or higher.)  In the last action of the day, the Polish horse were able to drive off a brigade of cossacks.

The Poles have managed to seize the high ground, but they are outnumbered and terrifically outgunned.

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