Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FIW Day Three

The students arrived right on time to take up the third day of action.  Newly arrived on the table were some significant reinforcements.  Five companies of the 45th Foot entered from the north, east of the fort.  They immediately brought relief to the beleaguered wagon train and Virginia Militia and pressed on toward the fort.  At day's end, the 45th had made it to the Indian village and were attempting to raze it to the ground.  But they have arrived too late to save the 28th's contingent that had been defending outside the fort. Two companies and a cannon and crew had already been wiped out.
Companies of the 45th Foot make their way up the road towards the fort.
Two bands of warriors also joined the British, warning the 42nd Foot that enemy units were approaching the town from the south.  Col. Munro of the 42nd broke off from fighting north of the village to patch together a more concentrated defense.  In the effort to withdraw his companies he was almost captured by some pursuing French marines.  He narrowly escaped.  Further west, Rogers' Rangers were heavily defeated by a French and Indian force that ventured into the woods from the southern most Indian village.  The Mohican warband was destroyed by this force, Rogers' first company is all but lost.
The 42nd Foot withdraws into the town for a more concentrated defense, leaving the farms defenseless.
The French received the Regiment La Reina that came on the board at the western end of the table.  Bolstered by these fine infantrymen, the units already attacking the fort renewed their efforts with vigor.  At day's end, a cannon had blown down the gate of the fort allowing two companies to charge inside.  A third company had managed to scale the rear wall of the fort which had somehow been left undefended.  Things are looking desperate for the three remaining companies of the 28th Foot.
At the top of the photo it can be seen that French units have actually broken into the fort while others are waiting in support.
Tomorrow, our last day for this battle, yet another regiment of French regulars will enter the fray from south of the town.  The 42nd's numbers will be bolstered by a late arriving militia force.  The fighting will be intense on both ends of the table.  It would appear that the French and Indians are in the better position for victory, but there are ample British units available to turn things around if they act quickly. 

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