Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp VIP begins

Today I began my eighth year of sharing my hobby with an excited group of young people. 11 of the 14 who signed up were present for a week of wargaming the American Revolution since our nation's birthday was yesterday. I tried something different this time around, two tables as opposed to one big one. The shot on the right is of the first table. It features a town that needed to be held by the Americans. Their reinforcements would be arriving via table 2, which is to the right of this picture.

This is picture of table 2. The British would be allowed to place four brigades on the two tables as they chose after the Americans placed two brigades into the town. Reinforcements would arrive in a predetermined manner which the players were not aware of. After a brief overview of the rules and a discussion of the objectives the game was set in motion. We got through 8 turns in the first day, as there was a lot of maneuvering that took place. But tomorrow things should heat up considerably. It appears the Americans are off to a good start as the Brits were distracted by a rather brash advance by American dragoons. However, it's very early in the contest.

Here is a picture of some of the kids moving their troops in the early portion of the game. The more experienced players were very good about helping out the less experienced ones. And as is often the case, the youngest players have turned out to be the most enthusiastic. As the session ended they were already plotting their strategy for the next day!

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