Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day three of week two

Our first battle of the week ended today. The picture at left shows the results of one last desperate Union charge to try and sieze the initiative. You will note that there aren't any Union troops in the picture. That's because they either died or ran away. Things didn't go much better elsewhere, thus a resounding victory for the Confederates. After some reorganizing of the table, we moved on to a second battle

This time around, the Yankees would be on the defensive while the men in gray would be attacking. The map at left (click on it to enlarge) shows the opening dispositions and where reinforcements might arrive during the game. The Union side has some troops of questionable character, so they'll have to be careful.

The Confederates got to work quickly sending brigades every which way, apparently trying to concentrate for a major punch to the Union's midsection.

The men in blue were busy trying to stitch together a defense with their limited forces.

The young brigadiers on the Union left got off to a rough start. They aggressively moved forward only to be rebuffed by some harsh Confederate artillery fire. The Union left will have a rough time of it in tomorrow's resumption of the action.

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