Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camp VIP day two

Day two of our AWI battle is now in the books. The Brits were able to gain some ground on the Americans, but only with a bit of luck and some pretty bold moves. On the other hand, the Americans have a very solid defense set up for the Brit's primary objective, and it will take some very hard fighting to break through.

There were some very exciting moments. A disordered British light unit was attacked in the flank by a militia unit and was able to withstand the attack and drive of the part-time soldiers. On the other table, a routing unit forced other red clad units to have to check theirs, and of course one unit rolled snake eyes, resulting in their flight from the table.
Day three should be captivating. A winner will emerge one way or the other.


  1. Cool website Mr. Winser! It looks awesome and you gave a lot of good details about the events.

  2. Awesome! You really keep track of alot of your past games and scenarios.

  3. I really like how you took pictures of the center of the action!

  4. Mr. Winser Thank you for teaching me I had a great time. Luke
    P.S. Your website is cool

    So glad I could do your camp. Cormac

  5. Nice pictures they really show what was happening in the battle. I also like the facts you gave about the skirmish.